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January 17, 2021, 19:26:39 pm

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D80 to D100 metamorphosis

Started by wdeighton, December 28, 2010, 17:37:53 pm

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November 19, 2013, 20:22:19 pm #80 Last Edit: November 19, 2013, 20:23:39 pm by wdeighton
So back a bit

The Second half of the mould was pants. It took alot of filling and sanding to get it good.

[smg id=27569]

[smg id=27571]

[smg id=27572]

[smg id=27577]
This is mid layup
The 2 first layer of 100g bi-axial carbon and 2 layers of 300g x 100mm uni was on

The white stiff is lanor cormat that had been sprayglued and then cut to shape.

The next layers are 200g twil weave, some reinforcement in the front and rear, and the hinge line material.

[smg id=27580]
In the Bag

[smg id=27582]
This shows the spar, drag spar and aileron spars. The servos in position (There where glued in before closing the mould)

[smg id=27584]


Good to see a centre panel out of the mould Will. Just looked back to the first post - nearly 3 years ago!


pot it on the scales when I took it up to the loft and it came out at 2kg  :ev

It is solid

There was too much gap between the spar and the skins, so I wrapped the spar in 4 x 400g carbon. warp down the length and weft used to wrap it. this was un wraping itself so I warped the whole thing with kevlar tows paring particular attention to the ends where the joiner will be trying to bend the aluminium spars open.

I may have gone over the top with this as the mould didn't close as well as I would have liked.


Geeez Will, so much work mate! Huge, huge job. I admire your dogged persistence. I've been working on a 3 panel wing mould and have only finished one half of the centre panel, and although I have been doing this stuff for a while and should expect it, I am shocked and exhausted at the massive, massive amount of work. Some of what your thread shows are issues I've been dealing with just in the last few days. Good on yer mate, it's a great project and you're always learning.