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March 06, 2021, 22:50:45 pm

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Advice needed on price please, models to sell

Started by GraemeRH, July 31, 2013, 07:13:33 am

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I have been asked to sell a couple of gliders for a friend who doesn't have time to fly them.

The first one is a Pike Giant. With all servos fitted and ballast weights. It has had an accident and a wing tip has been repaired and repainted. The repair looks ok but the paint could have been better.

The second on is a Jaro Muller Elita. Again is has all the sevos fitted and caould be ready to fly in a short time. There has been a couple of crack repairs done at the base of the fin and on the fus behind the wing root. I'm told it's not uncommon for this to be needed. The repairs seem to have benn done ok.

I Also have asked about a couple of X-Models electric soarers. Any help finding a fair price for these so they can be advertsed and sold would be much appreciated.
I have sold stuff for this guy before but's it's always been stuff I knew about and was able to price fairly. These models are not my thing hence the request for help.

Many thanks for looking.