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February 27, 2021, 15:49:08 pm

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Dynamic D40 aileron/flap actuating rod ends

Started by Bustergrunt, November 11, 2013, 23:42:48 pm

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Whilst building my D40 (beautiful plane), I have been pondering how to make a light/tight and neat means of connecting the aileron/flap servos to the horns...here is what I came up with...
1. Set servo to required neutral point and fix into wing
2. Drill hole in horn for connecting rod
3. Glue horn into aileron/flap
4. Carefully measure distance between servo horn hole and aileron/flap horn hole
5. Cut wire to required length with 'Z' bend at one end and 'L' bend at the other
6. Cut heatshrink tubing to length slightly shorter than wire
7. Cut length of thing wire or carbon rod to same length of pushrod wire
8. Slide heatshrink over pushrod (the one with the bends in it)
9. Insert 'z' bend into servo horn and 'L' bend end into Aileron/flap horn.
10. Now slide the other wire down the heatshrink so that it holds the 'L' bend tight against the horn
11. Apply a flame carefully to the heat shrink to shtink it tight
12. Snip off excess 'L' bend wire (if any)
13. If you really want to, apply some cyano to the tube
Viola...a nice light/tight, neat and strong means of ensuring your ailerons/flaps are well connected to the servo
I must get out more...


Moving on...I tried something else...using plastic clevis's as I have no small swingkeepers, what I did was to snip off the side with the 'peg' and slit the 'body' of the clevis...then plonk that onto the L bend on the rod and as a final belt and braces to keep it (already) snug, I slipped some heatshrink over it...Bingo! Even better...
I must get out more...


Just need the long end of the L bend snipped off...and that will do nicely...
I must get out more...