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Title: Graupner up and go problem
Post by: SteveBB on June 22, 2014, 13:32:58 pm
I'm asking this on behalf of a flying friend who isn't on the net. He's pulling his hair out on a problem that seems to be related to the speed controller governing the up and go he's installed for his newly purchased ASH 31Mi.

It has three micro switches as part of the device, but the issue is that because the motor cuts out when it's in the lowered position, the SC is beeping because the throttle is shut. He's been told this is a safety feature built into all speed controllers. He's found a work around using the Tx servo timers, but it isn't ideal, and it really needs a (technical name) 'thingy' to stop the SC letting the Tx know it's got a shut throttle. All three micro switches work. Oh, and the motor in the lowered position is 'kicking' as it's still drawing current.

I think I've got that right! It isn't my area of skill so I've no idea. 


The problem is the bottom micro switch disconnecting the SC forcing the SC to beep and kick the motor. Since posting a couple of answers have been offered from another forum. One is a custom made sequencer and the other is a simple inline fail safe set to zero. Graupner have used analogue switches with an electronic speed controller and the SC is rightly complaining it isn't getting a throttle signal.