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Title: Baudis ASW 22
Post by: deepeedee on October 03, 2015, 07:52:12 am
I have a Baudis ASW 22 on order for delivery in about 8 weeks time and the model is equipped with 8 servos in the wing [2 ailerons, 2 outer flaps mixed with the ailerons. 2 inner flaps as flaps & pop up air brakes.
All my current models [Valenta ASW 17, ASW 20 and Ventus] have 6 servos in the wing [aileron, flaps and pop up airbrakes] and I have these models set up on a Multiplex Cockpit very successfully with camber change on the left hand slider, Butterfly on the right hand slider as usual with the pop up airbrakes on a 3 position switch on channel 4 which is the throttle channel. I have to set up the airbrake servos mechanically because there is no way to independently alter the centering and end travel but this is quite simple.

Now to my question [sorry it took so long]! I was going to purchase a Multiplex Royal 16 so I could mix in all the servos on the Baudis ASW 22 and have the inner flaps as landing flaps, the outer flaps coupled with the ailerons and the pop up airbrakes on a switch BUT I find that I do not like the Multiplex Royal arrangement with the sliders inboard which I find difficult to use after many years with the Cockpit outer sliders.

I have been looking at a Futaba 14SG for this model but are there any other suggestions from members re. the Baudis ASW 22 in regards to other radio system which could fit my needs.

Title: Re: Baudis ASW 22
Post by: satinet on October 03, 2015, 11:23:03 am
Jeti dc or ds16.
Title: Re: Baudis ASW 22
Post by: FrankS on October 05, 2015, 08:17:37 am
Jeti and Taranis are both popular at the aerotows, if you wanted to keep using your Multiplex Rx's you could buy a Taranis and fit a M Link module as some have done.

On the Royal Pro you could always assign one of the 3 position switches on the side to flap (for camber etc) and use the throttle stick for airbrakes/crow, that's what I did on mine and even though I use the slide sliders on my Profi I just use them as like a 3 position switch!