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March 03, 2021, 08:30:59 am

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A day on the Skirrid

Started by Geoff N, December 11, 2014, 09:37:47 am

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Geoff N

Had a day on the Skirrid wed 10th Dec. It felt very cold when I started walking up, wind was brisk. Eventually reached the ridge and met Steve F .
The wind was  about 30mph with a fair  bit of breeze along the back side with occasional still air on the back. Stunning front side lift
Steve had some good laps with his Reaper max was 166mph.
The Steve unveiled his K2M , Wow looks like its going fast just lying on the grass. Was quite interesting doing the range check ,
trying to hold the model in different attitudes while Steve shouted instructions from 100 meters away over  a now nearer 35mph wind was interesting!
But all was eventually sorted out and the model chucked. I think it was the most money I have ever chucked off a hill.
Fast or wot!  front side the model screamed around .  Then the K2m was around the back , one word FAST. Unfortunatly no speeds due to battery problems with the gun.
The best gauge was the size of Steve's grin after landing.
I bottled flying my D60 ,I think it would have been too fast for my level of experiance. I flew  my Mini Dragon and  managed some erratic left hand  laps.
How Steve flew the more powerful  right laps through the sun is  impressive.  Shame  no speeds I would have certainty upped my PB.
I made a good landing but the model ended up slightly nose up the wind grabbed it and a couple of loops later the V tail was off.
Coming down off the ridge was quite a struggle the wind was now up to 40-50.
Thanks to Steve for the invite.
A couple of rough videos.


Thanks, Geoff, good to learn how you got on, even if lack of radar speeds must have been frustrating.
Hopefully more soon:)

Geoff N

The best gauge of the speed of the K2M was the size of the grin on Steve's face.


Glad you got out guys. I wish I could have been there.


Fancy calling in on the skirrid on way down to the epp nats on friday if i get the chance.
Could someone please fill me in on where you park, route to the top, walking time and best wind direction for ds.


Geoff N

Have a look at http://www.abergavenny.org.uk/skirrid.htm
This gives a good dicription of how to get there and where to park ( don't leave anything in the car lotes of tea leafs about) and the walk up .best flying position about 2/3 of the way along the ridge.Wind direction West with a touch of north. Can be flown in reverse SE. Stunning lift front side. The climb, quickest accent I know is 17 min but more normally 45 to 60 min depending on your fitness. Would like to join you but banned from it at the moment due to heart problems


Thanks for info Geoff, realy usefull, but the chance of the car getting broken into is putting me off as we will be leaving all the gear for the weekend in as we travel down to south wales for the epp nats.
Shame to not go though as we will be passing on way and maybe the only opportunity i get. Mmmmmm .

Geoff N

Breaking into cars happens allover Wales especially in the smaller car parks. They know walkers are going to leave their cars for three to four hours. While I was on Black hill recently two cars were broken into. Thankfully not mine as I had left nothing in it, the glove box open and the rear seats down so they could see there was nothing worth nicking.
Perfect winds in the lassitude week for the Skirrid