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February 26, 2021, 21:12:50 pm

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Engine Bearing Sizes

Started by RGN, May 15, 2013, 21:13:42 pm

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As I'm in the process of replacing bearings on some of my engines that have been in storage for a while, I've had to search for the bearing sizes and thought that a 'sticky' on RCMF might be useful to others. So, to get the ball rolling I will create a post for each of the two engines I've just replaced bearings on - and welcome others doing the same.

I suggest that the post subject be in the format - "Bearing Sizes - Manufacturer - Model" so for a Saito 125A this would be "Bearing Sizes - Saito - FA125A"

Mods, perhaps this could be moved to a separate section / folder as a reference?

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